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Childbirth is as exciting as it is terrifying. Mothers worry first and foremost about their child but sometimes fail to notice that something might not be right with their own body. While vaginal tears and lacerations are not uncommon in childbirth, severe vaginal tears can lead to catastrophic harm to the mother.

Vaginal Tear Lawyer

At the Villari Firm, fighting for the injured is what our team does. We believe that every new mother deserves the best medical care when bringing their child into the world. Vaginal tears can make it more difficult for a mother to care for their new baby and negatively affect daily activities of life. Analyzing the unique facts of each case is paramount to helping to determine if the harm that a new mother suffered is actionable medical malpractice.

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Types of Vaginal Lacerations

Vaginal Lacerations, or tears, vary in degree. Medical professionals stage them as first through fourth degree based upon their severity. In general, the higher the level of the tear, the longer the recovery can be and the greater the potential for long term damage becomes. Long term complications can include, pain, discomfort, infection, bleeding, painful intercourse and incontinence (both urinary as well as fecal).

First Degree Vaginal Tears

These are typically superficial in nature and affect only the top layer of skin. Stitches may not be necessary in first degree tears and the injury may heal on its own with simple care.

Second Degree Vaginal Tears

These are typically tears that affect the muscles between the vagina and the anus (perineal area) or extend deeper into the vagina. They are beyond superficial but less than a deep tear and tend to heal within a few weeks after delivery. Stitches are generally used in second degree tears and above.

Three Degree Vaginal Tears

These tears are generally deeper into the perineal muscles and can extend into the muscles around the anus (anal sphincter). Tears of the third degree can require surgical intervention to repair and the healing process can take months.

Fourth Degree Vaginal Tears

These are the most severe tears. Involving the perineal muscles, the anal sphincter, and potentially the tissue around the rectum, these tears often require surgical intervention to repair the damage.

Other Vaginal Injuries During Childbirth

There are other vaginal area injuries that can occur during childbirth including nerve damage, ie pudenal neuralgia, hemorrhoids, pelvic floor muscle damage, and pelvic organ prolapse. New mothers should pay careful attention to their bodies and seek medical advice if they feel there is anything out of order.

Causes of Vaginal Tears

Occurring during labor, vaginal tears typically result from a large baby passing through the birth canal (vagina). However, tears may result from the use of medical instruments that get inserted into the vagina during the delivery. While some tears are minor in nature, others can be severe. Severe tears can lead to catastrophic results, especially if not caught and treated at the time they occur.

Is a Vaginal Laceration Medical Malpractice?

The most accurate answer is “maybe.” Doctors are legally and ethically responsible for providing a reasonable standard of care to their patients. An experienced vaginal tear attorney helps you analyze the individual facts of your case to determine if the harm that you suffered rises to the level of legal malpractice.

How a Vaginal Tear Attorney Helps Your Case

A vaginal tear attorney can help you pursue justice if you suspect that you or a loved one experienced harm that was avoidable/preventable and that didn’t meet the standard of care. We will listen to you explain the life-changing events that you have experienced, analyze the facts of your case, consult with respected experts, and work directly with you to develop the best possible strategy for your case. In this complex area of the law, put our decades of experience to work for you.

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