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Philadelphia Med Mal & Birth Injury Lawyer / Philadelphia Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn Injuries

Philadelphia Burn Injury Attorney

Fighting Tirelessly for Victims of Catastrophic Burns – 267-388-9429

Burn injuries are incredibly devastating, not only because of the physical pain and sometimes life-threatening nature of such injuries but also because of the emotional trauma that accompanies burns and the resulting scarring and disfigurement. At The Villari Firm, PLLC, we believe that no one should be affected by the careless or reckless actions of someone else; however, we also realize that accidents can and do happen. When this is the case, we are committed to fighting tirelessly for the full, fair compensation you are owed.

If you suffered a catastrophic burn injury, or if someone you love died as a result of such injuries, and you believe another person or party is liable, contact our Philadelphia burn injury lawyer as soon as possible for a free consultation. We can answer your questions and help you understand your rights and legal options.

Call us at 267-388-9429 or submit an online contact form to request your free case evaluation.

Burns Injuries Can Be Costly – Get Compensated

Victims of catastrophic burns face extensive—and costly—medical treatment. They may require hospitalization, surgery, skin grafting, pain medications, and more. In many cases, burns will leave lasting scars and may even be partially or fully disfiguring. The emotional distress and trauma can be severe.

Medical treatments add up fast, combined with the fact that burn victims may be unable to work for some time, a serious injury of this nature can leave you financially devastated. If your burn injury was caused by someone’s negligence or a defective product, you shouldn’t have to bear that burden.

Our Sacramento brain injury attorney can fight to recover the compensation you deserve for the following types of damages, and more:

  • Missed time at work/lost wages.
  • Medical expenses such as surgery, skin grafts, physical therapy, etc.
  • Loss of future earning potential for those unable to return to work.
  • Loss of quality and enjoyment of life.
  • Loss of companionship with family/spouse.
  • Other non-economic damages like pain and suffering.

To find out what your burn injury case might be worth, call The Villari Law Firm at 267-388-9429 to discuss your case in a free consultation!

Types of Burn Injuries

Medically speaking, burns are categorized according to severity. While certain burns are generally considered “more serious” than others, all burn injuries can affect numerous aspects of a person’s life.

The different types of burns are as follows:

  • First-Degree Burns: These are the mildest types of burns, though they can still be very painful. First-degree burns typically result in redness and pain at the burn site. Only the top layer of skin (the epidermis) is affected.
  • Second-Degree Burns: These burns affect both the upper layer and lower layer of skin (the epidermis and dermis, respectively). Victims of second-degree burns experience pain, reddening of the skin, blistering, and swelling.
  • Third-Degree Burns: These burns affect both the epidermis and dermis, as well as lower layers of tissue and bone. Third-degree burns are the most severe (and often fatal) type of burn injury, resulting in charred, blackened, or whitened skin, extreme pain, and numbness.

Additionally, burn injuries are categorized by how they occur. Thermal burns are those caused by direct contact with fire/flames, heated materials (metal), boiling liquid, or steam. Individuals may also suffer electrical burns, chemical burns, friction burns, or radiation.

20+ Years of Legal Experience in Philadelphia

At The Villari Firm, PLLC, we help our clients seek compensation that covers the true cost of all of their damages, including future medical care, lost income, and more. With over two decades of legal experience, our Philadelphia burn injury lawyer has the skill, resources, and drive to serve as the trusted legal advocate you need and deserve.

Contact us online or call 267-388-9429 for a free initial consultation.

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