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Philadelphia Med Mal & Birth Injury Lawyer / Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer

Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer

Fully-loaded, a semi-truck or big rig may weigh up to 80,000 pounds — or more with an oversize/overweight vehicle permit. Sharing the road with these large trucks can be unsettling, particularly if they drive aggressively or unpredictably. Some truck drivers seem to care little for other drivers’ safety when they change lanes or merge into traffic. Cargo may shift or fall from a vehicle. Truckers may drive while fatigued or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Ms. Villari is an experienced Philadelphia truck accident lawyer that represents injured parties throughout the region. With over two decades of experience as a catastrophic personal injury lawyer, The Villari Firm, PLLC works diligently in and out of the courtroom for you and your family following your trucking accident.

For a free, no-obligation review of your truck accident case, call 267-388-9429.

A Skilled, Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer Serving Philadelphia

If you were injured in a collision with a large truck, the Philadelphia truck accident lawyer at The Villari Firm, PLLC may be able to help. Our attorneys represent truck accident victims and their families in personal injury lawsuits and wrongful death actions, fighting to hold at-fault parties, including truck drivers and trucking companies, accountable while pursuing maximum compensation. Our Philadelphia truck accident attorney recognizes the importance of delivering uncompromising legal representation combined with personalized client service to seek much-needed results and peace of mind. This approach has earned over $125 million in lawsuit verdicts and settlements for the injured.

Fighting for What is Rightfully Yours

What are some of the potential causes of truck collisions? Understanding the answer to this question can shed light on what may have caused your accident. The Philadelphia truck accident attorney at the Villari Firm has experience in lawsuits with a wide range of accidents involving flatbeds, tractor-trailers, tanker trucks, dump trucks, and other large commercial vehicles in and around the Philadelphia area.

Common Causes of Truck Crashes in Philadelphia

The commercial trucking industry is heavily regulated by Federal and Commonwealth authorities. Despite these extensive regulations, truck crashes that cause innocent victims to suffer terrible injuries are a frequent occurrence in the CIty of Philadelphia. Truck crashes occur for a variety of reasons ranging from human error to mechanical errors.

Trucking accidents may be caused by:

  • Truck driver error
  • Overloaded trucks
  • Improperly loaded or secured cargo
  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Drunk driving
  • Driving under the influence of prescription/illegal drugs
  • Speeding or driving too fast for current conditions
  • Unsafe merges and lane changes
  • Failures to check blind spots
  • Improper truck maintenance
  • Defective truck or auto parts
  • Dangerous roadways
  • Blind spots
  • Driver and/or Operator Error
  • Failing to observe/see smaller vehicles such as motorcycles and/or cars

Determining Liability for a Trucking Accident

Depending on the facts surrounding a truck collision, the truck driver, the trucking company, or both may be liable for causing a collision. A thorough investigation of the facts is required to determine if the truck driver committed a negligent act which caused the collision. Similarly, an investigation of a collision may reveal that the truck company failed to properly maintain the vehicle or deliberately overloaded the vehicle in order to earn more profit.

Proving Fault in a Truck Accident Lawsuit

Based on the cause (or causes) of a truck accident, our truck accident lawyer will work to determine who is at fault. This may be the truck operator, loading company, trucking company, or other individual or business entity whose negligence or wrongdoing contributed to this cause, caused the accident, and left you injured.

In proving fault in a Philadelphia truck accident claim, the truck accident attorneys at The Villari Firm, PLLC, often work with accident reconstruction specialists, investigators, and experts in various fields to determine who was at fault for your truck accident. Working as a team, we review the evidence and build a strong case against the responsible party or parties.

Damages You May Recover in Truck Accident Cases

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania allows you to claim compensatory and non-compensatory damages. Compensatory damages consist of your past and future medical bills, and your past and future lost wages. Non-compensatory damages consist of the pain and suffering you endured due to the collision, and compensation for any scarring or disfigurement you suffered, and any emotional distress you experienced.

Talk with an Experience Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer Today

A truck accident may cause catastrophic injuries that affect every area of your life. If you lost a loved one, you might wonder how you will face tomorrow. During these challenging times, trust our truck accident lawyer to guide and support you as we fight for a brighter future for you and your family with a fair and equitable lawsuit against those that have hurt your loved one.

Ms. Villari is an experienced truck accident attorney protecting those that have been injured in truck accidents as a result of the negligence of others. Our experienced Philadelphia truck accident attorneys also fight against trucking companies and corporations who jeopardize the welfare of others with faulty equipment through product liability claims. We provide legal representation to clients in Philadelphia, Camden, and the surrounding areas.

If you have been injured because of someone else’s actions, contact the Philadelphia truck accident lawyer at The Villari Firm, PLLC today. We will work on getting you just compensation for your injuries.

Contact us online or at 267-388-9429 to find out more about our services and how we can help you.

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