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Sex Trafficking Victims

Lawyer Serving Sex Trafficking Victims in Philadelphia

We Can Help You Pursue Justice Against Traffickers and Enablers

Leaving the person, people, or organization that trafficked you is the beginning of a long journey toward building the life you want. Survivors of sex trafficking often carry heavy mental and physical burdens that affect their ability to find housing, jobs, and other necessities. In 2018, the Polaris Project identified over 10,000 cases of human trafficking and more than twice that number of survivors. Each one of these people deserves support and justice. Yet, it might be hard for them to find.

Our team is here to help the victims of sex trafficking have a voice. Anyone who has been exploited in this way may be able to file a lawsuit against the party or parties that contributed to their suffering. Even if you think there is no one you can hold liable, we encourage you to come speak with our team. We may be able to identify legal options others can’t find so you can seek justice.

The Villari Firm, PLLC supports the victims of sex trafficking and other kinds of sexual abuse. Contact our Philadelphia team today for a free and confidential consultation regarding your legal rights: 267-388-9429.

Sex Trafficking: Learn the Facts

Most Americans would like to think sex trafficking isn’t a big problem in our country. As the numbers above show, they are wrong—and in fact, statistics suggest sex trafficking increased 25% between 2017 and 2018. Both adults and children are preyed on; though a majority of victims are women, people of any gender can be trafficked and abused.

Sex trafficking is a category that includes any non-consensual sex act performed in exchange for money or other goods. If you’re not sure whether this applies to you, keep these 2 important points in mind:

  • Minors cannot legally consent to a sex act, so all commercial sex involving people under the age of majority is sex trafficking.
  • “Consent” that is extorted or forced will be considered invalid by any court.

Finding Liable Parties in Sex Trafficking Cases

For some victims of sex trafficking, confronting those who sold them may seem impossible. Sex traffickers tend to stay mobile so police can’t find them. Sometimes, gangs or cartels are behind the crime and victims are rightly worried about bringing charges.

However, there may be third parties who can be held liable if they contributed to trafficking. Some businesses take advantage of the profits brought in by sex and labor trafficking, even if they are not directly involved. Common culprits include:

  • Massage parlors
  • Beauty and health salons
  • Bars
  • Strip clubs

Hotels are also frequent participants in sex trafficking schemes. Staff are often trained on patterns and red flags that characterize trafficking. Even for those who are not, the signs are easy to spot. Some well-meaning employees will tip off police and help trafficking victims escape. Regrettably, others use the situation to their advantage, looking the other way because trafficking increases their revenue as well.

Any business whose employees could reasonably be expected to notice the signs of trafficking on their property may be held liable. We all have a duty to report suspicious and potentially illegal behavior. Therefore, hotels and other companies that sanction sex trafficking can be held responsible for failing to contact law enforcement.

Protecting the Rights of Sex Trafficking Victims

At The Villari Firm, PLLC, we care about helping you find justice and maximize your compensation. Escaping sex trafficking can be a difficult process, and you deserve support during this time. Our compassionate team can focus our resources on helping you bring a strong claim against those who were complicit in your abuse. You could be able to recover compensation to cover:

  • Medical treatment for STDs/STIs and other health concerns
  • Substance use treatment
  • Therapy/counseling
  • Pain & suffering

The more details you can share with our team, the more we will be able to tell you about your options.

Being able to recover compensation can be essential to escaping sex trafficking for good. For some, confronting their abusers and seeing them face justice can also bring much-needed closure. You are worth the fight, and you deserve help and support during this difficult time.

The Villari Firm, PLLC is a Philadelphia-based law firm. We are legal advocates for the injured. We are a staff of women who are standing by to fight for those who are sexually abused and are victims of abuse of power. We are: Detail-oriented; Innovative; Efficient; possess a Long-hours work ethic and Trial-ready.

Our compassionate attorney offers free, confidential consultations. Call us now at 267-388-9429 to schedule yours. We serve sex trafficking victims in Philadelphia and New Jersey.

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