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Philadelphia Doctor Error Lawyer

When most people make a mistake at work, the consequences are usually pretty low; no one suffers a serious injury, or dies. When a doctor makes an error, however, the ramifications can be extreme. A cancer misdiagnosis, allowing a serious infection to spread, amputating the wrong body part, and improperly treating a fractured hip can all have devastating impacts on a patient who mistakenly put their trust in a negligent physician or other healthcare provider. If this happened to you, our Philadelphia doctor error lawyer can help you file a medical malpractice claim to seek compensation for your damages. Here at The Villari Firm, PLLC, our one and only goal is to ensure that your rights are protected, and that you and your family receive justice for the harm that you have been put through.

Ten Most Common Types of Doctor Errors We Handle

There are countless ways in which a doctor’s error can cause harm to a patient. No matter how you or your loved one was injured, we have the legal and medical knowledge to take on your case and win. Below are a few examples of the types of doctor error cases we handle:

  1. Misdiagnosis—An early and accurate diagnosis is key to treating many types of illnesses, including cancer and heart disease. Failure to diagnose is one of the major mistakes a doctor can make.
  2. Delayed Diagnosis—Similarly, a delayed or late diagnosis can also cause harm to a patient, as early treatment is critical in many cases.
  3. Amputation Errors—As shocking as it may sound, amputating the wrong body part and allowing an infection to take hold (necessitating an amputation) can both happen in hospitals.
  4. Blood Transfusion Errors—Giving a patient the wrong blood type is a potential deadly error, as the patient’s immune system may begin attacking the new red blood cells.
  5. Infections—Infections are always a major risk in hospital and doctor clinics, and failure to take reasonable precautions against the spread of infections is a common cause of patient harm.
  6. Radiology Errors—Whether the radiologist interpreted the results incorrectly, the patient was injured during imaging, or a prescribing doctor ordered the wrong test, radiology errors are grounds for medical malpractice claims.
  7. OBGYN Errors—The health of the mother and the baby are both at risk when OBGYNs make errors during pregnancy, delivery, and during post-delivery care.
  8. Medication Errors—Giving a patient the wrong type or dose of medication can cause serious harm to organs, and death.
  9. Surgical Errors—Surgery errors range from everything to leaving surgical tools inside the patient, to lacerating the spinal cord during back surgery.
  10. Anesthesiology Errors—Anesthesiology errors may be as seemingly benign as not properly managing the patient’s pain level, to killing the patient with too much medication. 

Contact a Philadelphia Doctor Error Lawyer Today

Whenever an unexpected injury, illness, or death occurs in a healthcare setting, the cause of the incident should be investigated by an outside party to rule out medical negligence. Here at The Villari Firm, our Philadelphia doctor error attorneys can provide the answers to any questions you may have about a doctor’s potential mistake. Call us today at 215-372-8889 for a free consultation.

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