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Philadelphia Vacuum Extraction Lawyer

Vacuum extraction is used in a small percentage of deliveries, and should only be attempted under certain circumstances. Unnecessary vacuum extractions are grounds for medical malpractice claims when they cause injury to the mother or child, and here at The Villari Firm, PLLC, our Philadelphia vacuum extraction lawyer can help you establish negligence. Whether your child suffered serious scalp lacerations or nerve damage, the responsible party should be made financially accountable for your and your child’s damages.

When Vacuum Extraction Should be Used

A vacuum extractor Ventouse-assisted delivery, which is the technical term for vacuum extraction, is the use of a small suction cup placed on the baby’s skull while the baby is still in the birth canal. This suction force helps pull the baby’s head out of the canal during difficult deliveries. When used correctly, vacuum extractors have a 95 percent success rate, and are particularly useful in prolonged deliveries and in emergency situations that require immediate delivery, such as when there are signs of fetal distress. However, an obstetrician should rarely turn to vacuum extraction as their first alternative when encountered with a delivery complication.

The Risks Associated with Vacuum Extraction

Vacuum extraction should be reserved for extremely difficult deliveries in which all other viable options have been exhausted, as the risk of serious injury for vacuum assisted deliveries is one out of 20 births. These injuries include:

  • Scalp lacerations
  • Cephalohematomas
  • Subgaleal hematomas
  • Intracranial hemorrhage
  • Facial nerve palsies
  • Hyperbilirubinemia
  • Retinal hemorrhage
  • Fetal death

In a significant portion of vacuum extraction lawsuits, the plaintiff will argue that the use of vacuum extraction was an unwise and unnecessary choice of delivery. Many complicated deliveries require emergency C-sections, while others can be performed with various other, safer, techniques that do not pose such a great risk to the baby.

Some Physicians Use Vacuum Extraction Because of Their Forceps Ignorance

Vacuum extraction deliveries are becoming somewhat more common due to the newer generation of medical providers not being taught the proper application of forceps. Unfortunately, vacuum extraction cannot always replace the use of forceps, which have more ability to rotate the baby than vacuum extraction, as well as better performance at traction and descent. Forceps require more skill than vacuum, which is why many younger doctors do not attempt to use forceps prior to vacuum extraction. However, a doctor’s ignorance with forceps or other techniques should not be an excuse as to why vacuum extraction was attempted before other methods.

Contact a Philadelphia Vacuum Extraction Lawyer Today

While there are certain situations that may call for vacuum extraction deliveries, vacuum extraction may not have been the best choice in your specific situation. Moreover, if the vacuum device was not used correctly, the doctor and hospital can also be held liable for violating the standard of care. This can only be proven by an experienced Philadelphia vacuum extraction attorney. To establish fault, damages, and negotiate a fair settlement offer from the negligent party, we urge you to call The Villari Firm at 215-372-8889 for a free consultation today.

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