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Philadelphia Fetal Distress Lawyer

A lot can go wrong during childbirth, which is why births are carried out in hospitals, and why medical professionals are so highly trained. Modern medicine has come a long way in preventing injury and death during childbirth, yet thousands of babies are still harmed every year due to oxygen deprivation, which is one of the most dangerous things that can go wrong during birth. Fetal distress can significantly impact the long-term health, development, and future life of your child. If fetal distress was caused or prolonged due to your doctor’s negligence, they should be held responsible. Our Philadelphia fetal distress lawyer at The Villari Firm, PLLC represents parents whose newborn children have been negatively impacted by a hospital, doctor, or other medical caregiver’s mistake, and we are here to help you take the next steps in this process. 

What is Fetal Distress?

Fetal distress occurs before and during childbirth, and is a sign that the fetus is suffering from a potentially dangerous condition. It usually occurs when the baby is not receiving adequate oxygen, either while in the uterus or passing through the birth canal. A baby’s heart rate should be routinely, or continuously,  monitored with a Doppler ultrasound device or an electronic fetal heart monitor. An abnormal heart rate is often the first sign that the fetus is in distress and not receiving enough oxygen. Other signs of danger that doctors should be aware of include decreased movement and fetal blood or stool in the birth canal/birth water. Typically, immediate action must be taken in the form of:

  • Giving the mother oxygen
  • Giving additional IV fluids to the mother
  • Turning the mother onto her side
  • Delivering the baby as quickly as possible, possibly with forceps or vacuum

A failure to quickly identify fetal distress, or a failure to take immediate action, can lead to significant problems, including

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Brain damage
  • Mental disabilities and developmental problems

Basics of a Medical Malpractice Claim

The first step of a medical malpractice claim is to establish the following: that the defendant (hospital or doctor) had a duty of care, that the duty of care was violated, that violation caused you or your child to be harmed, and that the physical harm resulted in damages. As such, a medical malpractice claim or lawsuit requires that the medical practitioner be found negligent in their duties. If successful, you will be able to seek damages for yourself and your child. These damages may include the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Future cost of care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of joy of life
  • And much more.

Contact a Philadelphia Fetal Distress Lawyer Today

Fetal distress is a dangerous, yet fairly common, condition that doctors and other medical providers should be prepared for. Failure to diagnose fetal distress, failure to act, and failure to act within the standard of care, can amount to liability for any harm caused to the mother or baby. If you believe you are the victim of medical malpractice, do not hesitate to call The Villari Firm today at 215-372-8889 for a free consultation with one of our Philadelphia fetal distress lawyers.

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