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Philadelphia Med Mal & Birth Injury Lawyer / Blog / Birth Injury / Client of Heidi Villari Awarded $11 Million in Birth Injury Case

Client of Heidi Villari Awarded $11 Million in Birth Injury Case


In what has been recorded as one of the single largest jury awards in Bucks County, Pennsylvania for a medical malpractice or birth injury case, Stephanie Giberson has been awarded $11 million in damages thanks to the representation of Attorney Heidi Villari of The Villari Firm in Philadelphia. At the end of a hard-fought seven-day trial, a total of $10.5 million in noneconomic damages were awarded to Ms. Giberson, along with another $500,000 for future necessary medical care.

The birth injury lawsuit was brought against Dr. Keren Hancock and other doctors who assisted with her birth. Giberson had requested a C-section for the delivery of her second child after suffering birth injuries during the delivery of her firstborn. In particular, she suffered lacerations and her firstborn suffered shoulder dystocia. However, Dr. Hancock seemingly disregarded Giberson’s medical record and requests, opting for a traditional vaginal delivery instead.

During the delivery attempt, the baby became “stuck” and stopped breathing. Although the baby would recover from the scare, Ms. Giberson suffered a severe laceration. Hancock did not tell her the severity of the injury, though, and allowed Giberson to leave the hospital while still experiencing intense pain. It was only after seeing another doctor and specialist was the extent of her injury known, and that future surgery would be required to alleviate it.

In the lawsuit, liability was placed on Hancock but not the hospital that hosted the birthing procedure. Hancock was accused of straying from acceptable medical procedures and of professional negligence that endangered her patients.

(You can learn more about this record case result by clicking here and viewing a full article from Bucks County Courtier Times.)

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Attorney Villari is proud to be a cornerstone of the Philadelphia and Bucks County communities as a trusted birth injury and medical malpractice lawyer. Throughout her years as an injury attorney, she has successfully secured multiple multimillion dollar settlements and verdicts on behalf of her clients, including a $20 million settlement for a brain-birth injury case. In other words, if you or your child has been hurt due to a doctor’s mistakes, then you will want no one but Attorney Heidi Villari by your side and leading your claim.

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